• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

$1M For Tidal Unplugged Artist Program

Tidal, announced the launch of a million-dollar artist grant program intended to support emerging musicians.

Venture Capitalists and philanthropists Mark Lampert and Robert Nelse donated a million dollars for an artist grant program. Local artists will have the opportunity to submit their music through Tidal to receive part of the million dollar grant. This program will start on March 1 in Detroit where mark Lampert’s grandfather started his musical career.

Collaborating with Tidal and utilizing the resources provided, the finalists will develop and finish four songs for distribution. Completed tracks will be exclusively premiere on Tidal and receive promotion through the platform’s Tidal Rising program. Finalists will also perform their songs at a showcase in November. Artists will maintain 100% ownership of recording masters.

see: TIDAL.com/Unplugged for more information.

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