• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

3 Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Catalog

Type beats are a wonderful concept. You can learn more about a genre and its trends. However, sticking to one genre can hurt your bottom line more than you know.

Diversification is always a tough and unwanted process.  In the time you will see the benefits of being diversified and see how it can help you as an independent in the music industry.

1. Strengthen Your Musicianship Classical music training will help you brush up on fine technique and precision. Jazz training will help you improvise and learn chord patterns. Every style of music has a different set of characteristics that will shape you. A music creator's catalog can contain varying layers of music genres. It is great that you can stick with your favorite style and be recognized for that. However, diversity in the music industry will help you bring a little more to the table.

2. More Than One Genre Multi-genre-talented music creators are more inclined to create a reputation of being that One.  You know what I’m talking about: The one whom many go to first. One is the person has to ability to give them what they are looking for.  That One will be getting a lot more callbacks and sales.  Set yourself apart from other musical creators by being multitalented and genre-talented.  

3. It Expands Your Fan and Client base. Risks are a must in the music business. This means transitioning beyond your chosen style and trying something new. If your music is influenced by different genres, your songs will have a much wider appeal. Take a look at Justin Bieber, Waka Flaka, and Nicki Minaj just to name a few, whose popularity was boosted when after collaboration with Electronic dance music from their original genre.  These artists gained fans from both sides of the table.  

Don’t stifle your musical growth by sticking to one style. Understanding how to incorporate different genres into your catalog will elevate and distinguish you from the crowd.

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