• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

4 Unspoken Rules and Roles To Successfully “Break Out”: 1 - Artist

Regardless of what role you play in the music industry, there are rules and footprints that were already laid for you to follow. These paths have unspoken rules and roles in the industry and you should be aware of them.

Artist Role: As an artist, you have the most important role in this industry.  You have to tell a story that will be believable or interesting enough, to make people follow you and buy it.  YES, BUY IT!  You must keep focused that YOU ARE THE SALESMAN.  It doesn’t matter if you write your own lyrics or create your own music, when a song is completed it is now considered a PRODUCT, and you have to present that product to the world. 

Rule: Be willing to “make your bones” in this business. Singing, rapping, or performing on someone else song will help you get notoriety and increase your networking goals. If someone has written good lyrics and want you to perform them on their track, DO SO.  Not only will it help you increase your skill but it shows that you are willing to work. 

Keep your craft polished by taking a lesson on writing, singing, and music theory.  The worst thing is to limit yourself. You will lose a lot of opportunities to build a resume that people would want to work with you and increase your profitability. It can also give your career longevity. If a singer or rapper doesn’t know the key that their voice is in it sends a signal and not a good one; you may never be called back again or the more experienced professionals won’t want to work with you.

Be humble. Enter every opportunity with an open mind to explore new experiences. You will learn more than you would ever imagine.  Good people like others who are willing to work with them in a productive and peaceful environment. 

Stay focused. 

This is business so let the business professionals handle the business aspects, but that doesn’t mean you are not to know how it works. If you have a manager, adviser or attorney speak with them before you get into any written agreements. Be aware in the music industry everything needs to have a written agreement.  With that said, your first and only relationship in this industry should be with your lawyer. Trust me your lawyer should come before your producers, especially if they have experience in the entertainment industry (wink, wink).   

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