• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

4 Unspoken Rules and Roles To Successfully “Break Out”: 2 - Lawyer

The Lawyer you chose is the most crucial member of your team and your career. An attorney can be your main confidant in negotiations and protecting you from making incredibly horrible choices.

It is not imperative that you find the correct attorney to represent you but also build a relationship that can last an entire lifetime.

Rule In every business, people only want to deal with people they know. The same goes for the music industry. Many record labels will only do business with lawyers that they have already work with.  It may seem as if the game is rigged, but no it isn’t.  There is a certain S.O.B (Standard Order of Business) that all companies adhere to.  It is expected of any firms outside of the company to have knowledge of and the adjustment be costly to you. 

Also, building that relationship with an attorney can be greatly beneficial to you. Most attorneys that believe in their artist love to make money from them. Passing tracks on the appropriate people is a way for them to guarantee that there is a check to come to them.  It isn’t unheard of.  It may be unorthodox to many but remember you are building a relationship of trust and admiration.  This type of relationship is always beneficial for both parties. 

Role An attorney should advise you on all legal matters, from reviewing contracts to making sure you are judicially represented. They go to school for many years to learn every aspect of the law that they specialize in.  They do the talking when it comes to legal issues. They advise you on the correct decisions to make to best suit your needs for the present and the future.

Your attorney is the first person on your team.  If your a producer, creator or manager build a relationship with a legal firm. 

Note:  Research artist and their lawyers. Have a meet and greet and ask questions. Don’t take up to much of their time. So, have questions available.  introduce yourself and tell them what you are doing, what your goals are, and how much they charge and how much is it to retain them. This will help you prepare for the“BUSINESS PLAN”  Be pleasant and appreciative.

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