• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

4 Unspoken Rules and Roles To Successfully “Break Out”: 3 Producers

Producers are a valuable asset. They listen to the artist or band’s material and pick the best songs. They’re looking for both commercial tracks ( “hit song”) and album tracks. The band and producer go through the songs and arrangement ideas, looking for areas where instrument parts are clashing, and how to make the song more memorable or catchy.

Career Description

Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs, whether they’re shaping the sound of another artist’s album or creating beats or songs for their own projects. They need to follow production trends and methods. Which, pretty much, involves eating a bowl of oatmeal and watching a crazy amount of YouTube videos on “how to” in your underwear”.

Getting Started

Find an artist and start, even if you have to do it for free. Trial by fire is the best way to get your hands dirty. You will learn more from your mistakes than your successes. This applies to not only creating the music but the business aspect as well.”

Dealing with artist

You must be “organized, assertive, artistic and a great communicator”. Someone who can lead the pack and rule with love,  In the studio or rehearsals, artists look to you for answers,  Artists bring enough drama, insecurity, and emotion into the sessions. 

Never let an A&R or manager in the session; Just you the artist and engineer.

Never let an artist take a track home to work on. If they can’t do it there they can come back.

Talent must be on time and if late charge them a fee. State that in your contract.


Get to know lawyers, studio owners, and engineers. Continue networking, meet publicist, promoters, talent scouts, managers, and touring companies. Why so many? The opportunities for you are endless. As your experience in music, business and networking skills increase more opportunities will become options.

Breaking into the industry

The entertainment industry is worth 1.72 trillion us dollars and is set to rise to 2.4 trillion by 2020.  Being new to and breaking into the industry can be very lucrative.  Breaking in an artist helps make a name for yourself and requires a lot of music and business skill to do so.  There is no time for excuses in the entertainment industry.  The more you disagree or argue with an artist it is time and money. Stay firm and confident but learn to compromise. Keep in mind. groups like New Edition and Mary Mary, to name a few, were are all brought into the industry and owned by producers. 

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