• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

5 Simple Steps to Creating Great Songs: Step 3


Write about someone close to you or a historical figure you admire: what made them unique? What brought them to their prominence? What joy and obstacles did they have to face? Always show them in action. Let your song allow the lister to visualize by explaining the subjects character to the listener. Brainstorm and create.

Sadie was recorded by American R&B vocal group The Spinners. The song was written and produced by Joseph B. Jefferson, Bruce Hawes and Charles Simmons. his is a sad yet in loving memory of song by the Spinners. the meaning of the song is about the death of his mother and how things were great back in the day and how his love for her continues on. the greatest line of all in this song was 'it's funny how no money can turn your life around". We all have our "sadie" in our lifes mother, grandmother,aunt,sister etc please treat her right and find a way to tell her you love her before you experience the line in this song " its a mean world without you" because it hurts like hell! Andy Warhol by David Bowie.

Other songs written and song about Historical figures:

Cortez the Killer - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

The Rolling Stones - Lady Jane.

Herman’s Hermits -I’m Henry the Eight I am

Jesus Christ SuperStar - Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

The Instrument


Start with one chords and create riffs that tell a story. feel the mood. Is it romantic? Angry or frustrating? Is it compassionate? Or, Fearful? Menacing?

Let's switch keys. Change the timing. Change the tuning. Drop a note one interval. Change the chord voicing. All you need is 3 chords! Play with it. With today’s technology, change the instrument.

Finally, Enjoy Yourself!

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