• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

5 Simple Steps to Creating Great Songs: Step 4


Personally, writing about random subjects is the most exciting concept of writing. Your imagination can create endless creative ideas. Tell a story the listeners can visualize and follow. Lead them on a journey. Take them on a roller coaster ride of emotions and anticipations.

If you ever heard Slick Rick’s Children’s Story its about a young man’s adventure down the wrong path of crime. Adorned with a descriptive step by step scenarios from the main character’s contemplation and reasoning of committing a crime to incorporating new characters along the journey to set the scene of the type of lifestyle he lived in. The act of the crime being committed created visual account of the main characters emotion and excitement that allowed the listener to follow along. An anticipation of how the story would end created a morally sound conclusion. this is just one example of a random idea can be used to create a great song.

There are many more songs that were created based off of random ideas and you can do this as well. Think about your first kiss. Todays headlines, write about the ride on a train or a bus. A broken piece of glass. Where did it come from what was its journey before you stubbled upon it.

Just a note: Jerry Seinfeld is a comedian who has a show called Comedians in cars where he gets to interview other comedians. In one of his interview, forgive me for not being able to reference it, he stated, I’m summarizing. that it is more creatively interesting to give life to a inanimate object than compared to reality.

Try to bring life to that that has no life and watch a new world explode from your mind.

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