• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

5 Simple Steps to Creating Great Songs: Step 5

Write about YOU

A Christmas song idea

Write about your first christmas you remember, your favorite christmas toy. How you spent christmas with your parents, sisters, brothers, and cousins. The look on your grandmothers face when tried on that sweater she made for you. Write about that piece of chicken or beef that your pets got into your families feast. write about those trips at the park sliding down the hill on a sled or community holiday fairs.

Many of us have great memories of our past childhood. then a gain many of us have bad memories of holiday. I have a friend who mother past away on christmas eve in the evening. This event was traumatic to him and has changed his outlook towards the holidays. I grew up with him and treasured his mothers advice and compassion and the joy she would have when he would talk about what he received for christmas. looking at her glow with love in her eyes for providing those gifts for him, as any mother would, never left me. My thoughts were shared with him along with a suggestion that he put his experiences with his mother in a song. He struggled with it emotionally. Fighting through he created a song for her and when i heard it and watched him play and sing it, tears soaked our faces.

Your love story

Write about the first day you met. The feelings you felt. Describe your first thoughts. What was your anticipations? How did the relationship grow? How did it end? why? How did you overcome the experience? what have you learned. These are great ideas to help tell your story of your first love and loss. Tell the story for inspiration or therapy. Be honest descriptive your fans will love it.

The most interesting, heartfelt, honest thing you will ever experience is you. Don’t forget to tell your story. Never forget who you are and what experiences you have encounters. Sharing you will the world will help others know who you are and become more connected to you through your story.

Write about you because you are the most magnificent stories ever told.

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