• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

5 Simple Steps to Creating Great Songs: Step One

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

What You Know

Breaking through the writing block or coming up with ideas can seem daunting. However, these are steps that can help you through the process. Let’s start with what you know.

Creating a reference of events and people in your life can help with making your songs more real.

It’s good to keep a journal. It may seem tedious but it helps. The biggest challenge I face is creating the time to journal and looking back at my emotional rambling.

Consider your journal as personal log of feelings, schedules, noted goals, dreams, and experiences. The day to day travels to work allows a wondrous encounters from the frustrated feeling of being on a crowded train thrusting you back and forth or the radiant glow of a pregnant mother to be. Write about the experiences shared from acquaintances and how you feel about that situation. Write about intimate experiences with you lover, partner, or pets.

An example, I heard played on the radio when I was younger, an O’Jays song, ”Brandy" by Joseph B. and Simmons Jefferson. As a young man listening to radio this song played; after the death of a family pet, female doberman named Ginger. That musical connection stirred feelings that a Brooklyn, New York city kid was not suppose to have and a flood of tears fell. That song became my therapy. The journal is your truth’s bedroom. Sometimes the truth is unpleasant. The reality is, addressing unpleasantness can become therapeutic, not only for yourself but for others.

Now, imagine how many people experience what you have experienced. How many people would have connected to your music because you wrote about your experiences? How many lives would you have changed if your music inspired positive feeling, thinking and achievements? Throughout history music has played a special part in our everyday lives from romantic encounters, spiritual worship and healing, to inspirational marches for change. Your journal can not only be therapeutic, it becomes a reference tool for changing the world.

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