• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

6 Awesome Crowd Participation Ideas for Indie Artists.

Increasing crowd participation is hard to do. It can be especially difficult if you are a new artist and people have no idea who you are. Asking them to clap and sing along may be daunting and embarrassing when they don’t. Besides that, you can seem desperate for attention. So, here are a few tips you can use to get the crowd to lighten up a bit and feel part of the show.

1. Planning

Doing your homework is essential. This allows you the opportunity to be ahead of the game. Know who your audience is. Read the crowd before they come into the building. Yes, that means showing up to the venue early and having someone out with the crowd asking questions. You’ll have a better idea of who you would be performing for.

2. Soul Clap

I love this challenge. Having a couple of song schedules may come in handy. If its an excited crowd you may wanna start your set with an uplifting or high tempo song. Usually, your best four on the floor would work well. As you go through the song notice who is tapping their feet or dancing. Focus on the ones giving you eye contact. If your equipment is able go to them start dancing with them or keep i contact with them and dance on stage. Also, try to structure your song so that you can incorporate clapping. If you see the audience reacting to the snare or clap in the song, start clapping with them. Encourage them to clap.

3. Breaking The Ice

Greet the crowd in the town with the admiration for their town spend a minute on what you like about it. Everybody loves their city.

4. Gratitude

Between sets thank the fan/s,

If there is a fan/s that has followed you from one state to another, thank them publicly. If an audience member has had a child recently, lead the crowd in a celebration with a cheer. if there’s someone in the audience who has a birthday that week or a date coming up, acknowledge them by have the audience sing happy birthday along with you. They will never forget how wonderful you made them feel.

5. Lighters Up

This is the best participation ever created. Years ago, before cell phones, whenever a heartfelt song was played the audience would hold lighters with flames illuminating the venue. Today, the safest alternative is cell phone. What a sight to behold. Tell the crowd to put light up their cellphones in solidarity to love when you about to play a romantic song.

6. After the Show: It Never Stops

This is a great time to meet your audience. Take selfies with them and enter their social media handle. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter and add you to their social media list.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you. Remember, it is great show that your audience is interested in.

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