• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

$66.25 Million For Mechanical Licensing Collective: Start-Up Funding

On September 20th, 2019, The Mechanical License Collective is requesting $66.25 million to get off the ground. This figure includes a $37.5 million before the MLC’s opening day and another $29 million for the first year of operations.  There is a second-year (2022) request for funding but the figure was blacked out of the Collective’s official submissions document to the U.S. Copyright Office along with other details, of salaries for a large number of staff in appointed offices.

We can stand confident that the tax-payers are this bill. The streaming giants will be responsible for the lofty $66.25 million demand.  However, the mechanical licensing Collective and its major publishing backers aren’t expecting to receive that figure, it is just a negotiating tactic.

The grumbles and grunts from the streaming executives are geared towards the major publishers who are requesting that matched mechanical payments to songwriters and publisher be Temporarily frozen while the MLC gets formed. If this happens, songwriters and publishers making claims on the past mechanical license may face major delays so that payment can be routed through the MLC in the future.

Uncr3dited will post more as this develops.

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