• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Americans May Receive a $4,000 ‘Vacation Credit’

Trumps “Phase 4”

Americans may receive a $4,000 ‘vacation credit’ for US-based travel-related expenses (airfare, lodging, restaurants, ect...) as revealed in Trump's stimulus proposal. The credit, part of an estimated $2 trillion stimulus boost, may also apply to artists and musicians touring the United States.

Talk about “Touring on the American Dime”.

The travel credit is just one component of a broader ‘Phase 4’ stimulus boost, according Trump. The current proposal includes a range of economic boosters, including infrastructure and manufacturing investments. According to White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, a ‘buy American, hire American’ mantra would guide the upcoming stimulus injections.

The travel-focused credit could help to touring musicians and performers, a group that has been unable to hit the road for months due to the quarantine restrictions. Also, venue owners would also benefit alongside businesses in vacation hubs like New York, New Orleans, and the such.

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