• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Apple has acquired Platoon, the London-Based Creative Services Firm

Platoon was co-founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs: Denzyl Feigelson and Saul Klein.

London-based Platoon has emerged as one of the world’s most nattered-about, thought-provoking new music companies last valued at a modest $3.78 million

Offering a range of distribution, funding and marketing services for emerging and ‘unsigned’ artists, the startup has partnered with arguably the two most anticipated new acts of 2018: New York-based Yebba and UK-based BRIT Award winner Jorja Smith.

Signings like these have made Platoon’s A&R hit rate the envy of the major labels.

Platoon’s other artist have millions of streams to their name and are embedded into modern youth culture, developing at Platoon before being migrated into major labels.

Apple’s interest in music services interlocks with one-another in this current tech world. Sales of iPhones have been slowing down, part of a bigger global trend resulting from mobile phone saturation across a number of countries. And so to continue growing its overall revenues, Apple has expanded its focus into more services that run on its hardware.

Its media, and specifically music, operations are benefiting from that. Apple’s largest acquisitions are made to grow it's business. Acquisitions that included Beats and Shazam are expanding the reframe of what Apple Music provides to artists on its platform beyond simple access to music tracks (including adding in more analytics, which was the focus of Asaii, which was coincidentally also founded by Apple alums).

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