• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Building A Career On Playlists?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

There are many components to building a career as an artist in the music industry.  Streaming has become a precious tool in this industry. With streaming comes influencers, the DJs of streaming music. These influencers create a following and that following can help the artist become more relevant in the music industry.  

Unfortunately, new independent artists and creators are depending on playlists to further their careers.  This false perception has become the norm of all and be all.  This is based on the ideas and principles that streaming influencers can provide a number of opportunities that are not available to just one single artist.

Well, yes, there are opportunities for the artist to get streams and get a-tad-more royalty earnings; However, at what cost? In order to get on an influencers' playlist, an artist will need to spend time which is money to become a part of an influencers' playlist. I'm not saying that playlists are not good, I am stating that it is not the end-all-to-be-all.  A playlist is a tool to help artists or bands. Playlists are just a component within the revenue and streaming acquisition of your business plan.

Playlists may become damaging to an artist’s long-term career.  Hot playlists can get an artist a lot of streams, but it can’t get artist fans. Playlists are based on what the audience or followers desire. An artist's Plan is to create that audience for themselves; build their own following. Playlists may have more followers than an artist but the question is," how many of the artist’s followers are following those playlists?"

Time is money and the more time you spend beating down the door of every playlist editor and begging to get in, an artist can use that time to build their own following and playlists. Surprisingly, independent artists that are included in playlists with millions of followers have difficultly filling venues. Or even getting a respectable amount of people to show up. Playlists streams and nobody knows the artist’s name, and they can’t sell tickets to their home-city shows. The artist will book a show and nobody shows up because people are fans of the playlist and not fans of the artist.

Just my OPINION!

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