• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Can Music Save Our Ocean Life?

You have heard of phrases like “Music can tame a savage beast”, or “music has revived my spirit”. Have you ever heard of music saving our ocean life?

In Australia, dying coral might be revived by play the sounds healthy reefs to attract fish.  by using underwater speakers the “acoustic enrichment” could help to restore the damaged coral reef. In order to restore Australia's devastated Great Barrier Reef the Australian Institute of Marine Science placed loudspeakers underwater playing healthy reef recording in patches of dead coral.  

The experiment found that twice as many fish arrived and stayed at the reefs where the sound was played compared to the equivalent patches where no sound was played. Tim Gordon a Ph.D. subtend at Exeter University said, “fish are crucial for coral reefs to function as healthy ecosystems.  Boosting fish populations in this way could help to kick-start natural recovery processes, counteracting the damage we’re seeing on many coral reefs around the world.”

Fish biologist Dr. Mark Meekan, of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, added: “Of course, attracting fish to a dead reef won’t bring it back to life automatically, but recovery is underpinned by fish that clean the reef and create space for corals to regrow.”

The researchers said that the diversity included species from all sections of the food web: herbivores, detritivores, planktivores, and predatory piscivores.

Different groups of fish provide different functions on coral reefs, meaning an abundant and diverse fish population is an important factor in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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