• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

College Gigs

College is money. This is a fact that many musicians forget to look at as potential revenue in venues.

The college experience is just that an experience. Young adults go for an education to better themselves and leave with an enormous amount of memories. That first song on a date, the music that they listened to get them through those exams, or missing home or being with their families are memories that stay with them for the rest of their lives. These are memories create loyal fans. Many artists think that some colleges are to far off their path. This may be true, however, the one who shows up to perform are the ones that they follow because you did it. You showed them that they were important and that you wanted to share your music with them. This is a key to building a fanbase, created a relationship.

Colleges not only has money but is has resources. Yearly, Student Government Associations (SGAs) book bands for football games precious, weekend concerts, homecoming events, alumni events, and host of others.

SGAs are only on source. National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) holds regional conferences and the Student Government Associations from many colleges across the US attend. This is a great resource for artists and an opportunity to network. In addition, to the NACA allowing artist to showcase their music, they also help with touring as well. You would need to join the NACA to be eligible to showcase and attend conferences. Make sure that you or someone in your team is affiliated.


EPK - NACA is a strong organization in the college sector. You will need a solid EPK and other materials ready for presentation. You should find a way to showcase your talent to the colleges as well. If you’re performing in their town invite the GSA to attend. College market is like any other venue or festival - attractive presence gets you booked.


When you book with and SGA or Greek Life students understand that they are leaders and this is one of their first major job experiences. They tend to be open-minded about listening. Tip: If you can show them how recoup their money with your venue - Kudos.

Social Media

Using social media is great for promotional posts and acquiring leads and generating presence by targeting the college community. Tips: Shout outs and videos of your visit. Talking to students and socializing on a personal level.

College Radio

College Radio is perfect. They target the students needs and request. The campus radio is usually playing through the campus informing students about notification, news and music. Call in and show up once in while to say hello.

Good luck, no Break-A-Leg.

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