• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


You ever had your heart broken? If feels like the whole world is about to end. You sit back and wonder, Why? I did everything. I put in time and energy just to be the one for her/him.  Still, your left with that whole so deep in your heart that you never thought would be filled. That feeling is something that you will get over. THIS IS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY - LIFE.

That's love.  That’s what it's like to want to be in the music industry.  Your passion is being denied, your hopes and dreams are only being deferred.  That thing you wanted and craved, that thing that made you wake up in the morning is still there. It is you. It is your heart your creativity that is being tested. It will make you stronger and more resilient because it is you.

Music is us.  Our passions, our emotions, our strengths, and our desires are in our music. Take that pain, take that loss, and put in your music. No matter how sad, how hurt, and how tearful you are share it in your music. Release it.

Your success will come. You have to believe that. Your drive is not parked in the darkness. Find your faith and bring it to the table of your heart and allow it to scream, shout, and rip the airwaves searching for an answer to your pain. Let the world know that you are here. You are hurting.

This is the music industry, there are people who feel the same way and think that they’re alone. Let them know that this is life. Let them know that they are not alone. It is your responsibility to help them express how they feel. That is YOUR gift. That is YOUR talent.

Every step that you’ve taken was a step further than you were. Take another one, then another one and watch the previous steps out of pain just disappear.


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