• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Finding Footprints

The music industry is filled with clusters of footprints leading and coming from many directions. Even the most experienced tracker would perceive it as impossible to find or follow the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City.  The first observation would conclude that “We are not in Kansas anymore”.  

Mindfully, you become aware that you’ve just started this journey regardless of how long you’ve been traveling.  Trends and changes within the music industry begin bombarding your decision making in attempts to be a part of it. Engulfing more of our time and resources towards trends and changes, other areas of our structured plans become neglected. Whether to stay relevant, increase revenue, or gain a fan base, many of us transition towards these “Magic Pills” for success.  

There is no “Magic Pill”.  The footprints are not in the sand, mud, snow or broken twigs, it is engraved in concrete buried underneath the chaos. As independents and DIYs you need to dig deeper than the surface, regardless of your positional goals in this industry, to find the path of every component that has been successful and is continuing that process.

The foundation has been laid and all trends and changes are just functionalities to maintain and secure that foundation. Incorporating trends and changes in your plan needs to be evaluated and constructed to help your foundation. If you find different elements in your plans will be neglected, it is important to assess how to incorporate both, how will they benefit, what will you lose of gain from either.  

New trends and changes don’t mean a new path has been created, it’s just another tool of opportunity success.

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