• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Grants: Funding Your Music

In today's technology, making music is easier than ever; and sharing it with the world, even more so. The problem is being able to do it full time; but, that's another article.

How can Grants fund help?

Grants are an excellent avenue of funding for musicians. Music grant organizations regularly award cash to serious artists. This funding allows the recipients to focus on furthering their music careers. The greatest benefit of grants are, that they are unlike loans; it doesn't have to be paid back.

The reality is, that these funding opportunities are available for the taking, and very competitive. Doing research about which grant organization is good for you; the deadlines, and the application process can lead to being a recipient.

There are grant organizations, that exist to help out inexperienced artists; and then there are other organizations, who support more established artists. Depending on the type of grant, the funding could be used to get a new music project off the ground; record an album, or tour. Some grant organizations place no restrictions on how you can use the money.

With this information provided about grants, hopefully, more options should be available to you.

Have a productive, and prosperous career; and I will see you in the next article.

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