• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


What is bootstrapping? Ability to start from scratch organically for growth.

As independents in the music industry funding yourself and finding ways to do so will help your company grow based on your vision.  


Yes, you can get funding for your dreams, but that investment is going to be dictated by the funding source. If you're not growing fast enough or not implementing the ideas of the investor you may find yourself in a battle greater than the industry has to offer. Meanwhile, your vision may be reinvented to mimic the populous. Your uniqueness and style may be in jeopardy.

So, Where do you start?

Make a detailed list of:

• How many paying fans do you aim to procure in the first year?

• How many resources will you need to employ for that?

• What kind of company culture are you looking for?

• By when do you expect to start generating revenue?

• Would you have enough to provide for yourself and your family in the meantime?

• What other means are available to provide for yourself and your family?

All-of-the-above will need money.


Money is required for that initial capital and clear business plan can lead to a specific figure for investment. Looking deep into your financials will help you become more on decisions that will allow you to make better decisions and allow you to be more creative. Working in your home will help with the office space.  Outsourcing your talents monetarily can help as well.  Bartering your talents for what you need is a crucial way to bootstrap for your business.

Stepping Out Of The Norm

If you look at the majority in your industry, you will notice that they stick to the same regimen or rules as if it was welded on steel.  Being creative can always change the outlook of an industry.  Let us look at leasing beats. Who would of thunk it.  Independent beat makers need to get their music heard and purchased.  Now, this trend has become a staple among the has totally gone against the grain.  This is not what the music industry expected.

Stay focused

The ability to control your own growth can be time-consuming and daunting, but you will learn from failure and grow in experience. Mapping out your plan, making adjustments, being frugal, and creative will help you along the road to success, The ability to view where you have come from and where you have traveled, will help you appreciate what’s been achieved. Along with, keeping your vision and ideas in place.

Enjoy the self-funding journey!

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