• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.



To be successful you need to have a great quality product and be protected legally.

The cost can be expensive but it is worth the money. As well as an expense that needs to be incorporated into the value of your product.

Legal fees

As mentioned consistently,  your ultimate protection is your attorney. You need one. How much is the contract? Is a blank fill in the purchaser and seller? How many clients do you expect to service that will need to utilize that contract template? Now, divide that by its cost.

Engineering and Mastering

Yet another vital part of your team.  Outsourced or in house, Engineers and Mastering Professionals are a gem to work with.  They know everything from leveling to separating frequencies that will help your music sound awesome. Many works on hourly bases as well as per track. Their job is what helps your music sound appealing to your clients. They can bring out the essence of your music and make it shine.  

It’s better to have a perfectly sounding song to sell: It will give your clients perception of you as a true professional and perfectionist.  THAT IS A GOOD LOOK!

The next article will be the conclusion. In that article, we will look at the financial spreadsheet of series and you will get an example of how to plan and price your music. 

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