• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How to Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry


How game audio differs from other media and its dynamic approach

Media Composers venture in many types of media compositions like Jingle writing, children’s songwriting, Film/TV, and Gaming music.

Here are some of the  types of Media:


Composing for film and television involves weaving emotion into the narrative, and that can be difficult to do well.

Jingle writer

They must write a catchy, memorable song that’s only 12 seconds long. Jingle writers need to be adept at using melody in short catchy spurts. This means creating a memorable song with only three or four notes sometimes!

Children’s songwriter

You might think that a children’s songwriter would operate much like a typical singer-songwriter, but that’s not the case. Children’s songwriters can have a much more steady income because they’re often playing in front of large groups of potential clients who will hire them to play birthday parties, holiday events, etc.

All of the media types have one thing in common except for gaming music, it’s LINEAR.  Linear means it’s going from the beginning until the end and its all the same; It is much like watching a tv show or movie.

In gaming, music and audio are always in flux and always dynamic. Imagine, it’s a sunny day, with a cool breeze softly brushing against your face while you're sitting on a bench near a pond of water.  The birds are heavenly floating in the still pond. You become submerged in a book that your reading. This tranquil environment, within a blink of an eye and transformed into a fight for life with three two-headed, fire breathing dragons.  Gaming composers must make their music and sounds dynamic to fit seamlessly as the game state changes.  

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