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How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry

Designing Sounds for Gaming Music: Background Ambient Sound

Before you start to design a background sound it is important that you should have an understanding of games and game audio and music. If your not an avid gamer, then you should listen and observe the sounds and music that are being used in the game and different scenarios and scenes in the game.

Now that you have done your research and decided you would like to try a style of music its time to work on the background music. Do you have the sounds that you would want to use?  If the theme is outer space or a tranquil walk on a path, you should have music that resembles that environment.

Remember, the background music sets up the atmosphere of scenes theme.  An Ambient background places the player or character in a specific location.

Your backgrounds will be looped.

It is important that the loops are not noticeable.  Here are some tips on looping Backgrounds.

1. Make sure the background sound isn’t too short.  

2. You don’t want the player to listen out for the looping points.

3. Write longer background sounds at about a 3 to 5 minutes.  

We’ll discuss how to create a seamless looping in the next article.

Making Your Ambient Sounds

Your ambient sound is based on the environment that the game developer is using. Is the environment in space, inside of a wear-house? What other elements are present that make sounds? If its space are you on a spaceship? How would a spaceship sound on the inside? Is there equipment that the character must pass by that that makes sounds? If so, what would that equipment sound like? what type of clothing is the character wearing? Space boots? space clothing? How should it sound when the character is walking? All of these elements are what make the game seem realistic and keep the gamer involved.  

Practice Making Perfect

Find as a game that you can practice on. Find your sounds. Enjoy the journey

See you in the next article, Making Seamless Background Loops.

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