• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry: Audio Middleware (Game Engines)

Audio middleware is a tool that will help game developers and designers create codes inside the game.  These tools are where to assets for the game including art, animations and audio stored. The functionality of the game is compiled is call the assets. There are assets are organized as art, coding, audio, basically, anything needed for gameplay.

As a gaming composer, working within a game engine has a lot of advantages. Scores and sounds can be sent to the developer as an audio asset with a detailed description of what sound is used for an action, scene, or events, however sometimes the developers may misinterpret and place the wrong audio in a certain place or the background may be to low or the wrong laser sound was place on the wrong characters laser-gun.   By using a game engine, the composer can incorporate the music and sounds created for the purposes it was designed.

This is were audio middleware becomes important. They allow the audio designer, to design the way the sounds functions in the game. It also allows you the ability and comfort of passing over all of your sounds with its functionalities to developers in the audio assets.

The benefits of using audio middleware are:

1. You have more control over your sound assets.

2. You save time on getting audio assets ready of the game.

3. Overall, saving money on the development of the game


It is important that as gaming audio composers you know how to know and utilize audio middleware.  It is a must-have in the industry.

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