• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry: Designing Musical Backgrounds

Many musical backgrounds are used in a scene or part of a game when actions are involved and tell the player that Its a different area of the game.  Musical Backgrounds consist of many different instruments, rhythmic patterns, and chord progressions.

Now let's look at designing our musical backgrounds.

The most important element is knowing what the genre the game is.  I find this necessary for me because I find writing a musical background score for a First-Person (the first person is any graphical perspective rendered from the viewpoint of the player's character) scene there’s a different approach than a Third Person (third-person view provide an over-the-shoulder perspective of an in-game character) scenario.

Let me explain, In designing a first-person musical background the player if most likely focused on what around the corner or what is about to happen next.  What emotions should the character have and how can you represent that in your musical background. The music should fit the environment of all game (e.g. Space, civil war, urban, or even a dollhouse massacre) as well as capturing an emotional element.

Today, games are like movies. Cut scenes keep the player informed and prepared for the next journey. The cinematography in these game are exceptional and require a level of music to accompany it.  Therefore, it is important for gaming composers to be equipped with high-quality sound libraries and be able to design their own sounds.  You will find this important when we discuss Vertical Layering of sound with background music in the next article.

See you then.  

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