• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry: Designing Uniques Sounds Effects

In this article, we are going to take a look at sound effects.  In most games, the sounds effects are dominated.

Games not only need ambient background and musical backgrounds but sound effects for a character walking, running, or even jumping.  In an action scene with a car chase, you will need the sounds of the enemies and the dialog in the surrounding area. The key to achieving this is to have a library of an assortment of effects to choose from.  It sounds very expensive. It doesn’t have to be expensive just creative you can create your own library.  

Start Building Your Library 


We need to make footsteps for our character running and about five of his enemies chasing him. Ok,  start with what we have.

The first thing as a songwriter, hopefully, you have a microphone and a system to record and edit your music. Check. Well, that one thing out of the way.  

Secondly, you need a pair of shoes. Everyone should have a pair if you don’t a friend or a neighbor will.

Next, you need wooden, cemented, dirt-filled or graveled objects. Whatever the characters in the gameplay are running on. You can find these items anywhere for free on the street or in your area.  For wood, walk on a hardwood floor or a plank of wood.  The cement blocks may be harder to find or bring into your studio so try some bricks. you can find them pretty anywhere in any garden,  the same with dirt and gravel. Use the shoes and try to simulate walking with your hands on all the services.  Make sure the shoes have a hard bottom.

Designing the Shoe Sound

Once you have your sounds recorded you can start designing. Here are some ideas for sound designing.

Sound - Does it sound like the shoes that the character is wearing?  Is the character wearing sneakers?  Do you need to soften the sound transients? Is he running mostly on his toes or a full foot? Each of these sounds requires a different design.

Pitch - everyone walks differently so follow the character. Is he leading with his left or right? whichever the character starts with the pitch should be hired in the leading foot.

Time and Spacial effects - This is important based on the environment.   Is the character running through a tunnel or a wear-house?  Reverb and delay can change the dynamic of sounds to fit the environment and cut through or lay behind other sounds.

There are many other effects and technics that can be used to create your own sound library from automation,  filtering, downgrading sample, to resampling your sound for layer other sounds.  Experiment and see how creative you are. I was once told that creativity comes out of necessity and I believe this is true.  

See you in the next article.

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