• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry: Game Sounds Overview

What type of sound do you have in your games? Well, there are music loops, sound effects, achievement sounds to dialogues of narrators and characters. There are quite a lot of sounds and all of them are considered Audio Assets.

There a lot of assets in games. Assets are listed as follows: Art Assets, Animation, Assets, Audio Assets, as well as Code Assets. It is important to know the language with conversing with a gaming developers and all involved with the same technological terms.

Since this is about composing gaming media we will focus on the Audio Assets. A common type of sound used in a game is called a Sound Background. As the name implies it is a music track used in the background. Sound Background will most likely be looped and played until the scene is ended. You will also have sound effects or dialog or achievement sound playing together with background.

Stay familiar with the terms and how they all relate together. Sound/Audio Assets Sound/Music Backgrounds Sound Effects Game Sounds Dialogue

Stay tuned for the next article on How to Create a Background sound.

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