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How To Compose And Design Music For The Gaming Industry: Working with Middleware

Tips and techniques you should know about Gaming Music

Gaming platforms

Regardless of the platform (iOS, Xbox, Playstation, etc…) you are going to have to know their specific issue. Your knowledge of audio middleware is a requirement in the gaming industry.  Actually, your knowledge of the two major audio middleware Wwise and FMOD is expected. There are no extra points or increases in pay because you know how to use them. You must be versed in different game audio mods.

More Than A Composer or Sound Designer

Dealing with technical issues may arise in the game. there is a major difference in composing for mobile phone and next-generation console.  In some cases, you will be required to do more than just create a score. some jobs may need to the composer to know how to script. Having these extra skills will open the door for independent work and possibly employment within a AAA organization.

Musical Abilities:

Ability to write music in lots of different genres and styles

If not practice by studying that genre.

  1. Ability to write parts for multiple types of instruments

  2. Each instrument has its own voicing.  The creative concept is in voicing it differently while maintaining its character.

  3. Create professional sounding stereo and surround mixes

Learning the skill of mixing is important in creating a professional product. Look up these audio middleware tools, download load them they are free and learn them.


  1. Play games and analyze their use of music

  2. what elements to you feel are weak and strong  and why

  3. did the audio pull you in or out of the gameplay?

  4. Did the music reflect the actions on screen

  5. what would you have done aesthetically?

How To Practice:

  1. -Take video from the game and write a new score and sound effects for it.

  2. -Demonstrate adaptive and variable music. Music should reflect the on-screen action and evolve over time.

  3. -Try to Get on a student’s project. Many colleges have a Computer Sciences department and the students have projects that need sounds as well as up and coming game programmers who are designing sound.

All of these tips and techniques are important in working with Middleware. Hopefully, I have inspired you to become involved to work with audio middleware.

Resource links

For free sample games to practice audio integration: https://assetstore.unity.com/

Wise: Free - https://www.audiokinetic.com/products/wwise/

FMOD Studio: Free - https://www.fmod.com/studio

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