• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.



I have heard, witnessed and participated in projects that challenge you to create a song in one day.  As extremely exciting and challenging those projects where they were not for the faint of heart. This challenge is designed for anyone with a knowledge of music as its structure.  You will be challenged to step out of your box which is a good thing. We will start with our first step, preparation.

Think about what genre of music you want to create.  Pick at least five songs that are simple and easy to create.

1. Do research for the key, tempo, sounds and song structure.  All of this information can be found by doing a quick internet search.  Dissect the song’s rhythm, melody, etc…  

What is the song structure?

What characteristics do you find in the melody that are similar?

What is the tempo?  

What are the instruments used?

How is each element being played?

2. Set up your workstation with instruments that you want to use instruments.

What is easier for you to use, sampled sounds or create your own?

Do you have those elements in for your song?

Is your tempo set up?

Did you set your markers to match the structure of the song?

3. Make a template with all the information you have found.

Each genre and song is going to be different so it should have its own folder.

Have you compiled a set of grooves that will help you recreate that genre’s feel?

4. Create a Midi Tracks

This is helpful for many genre’s.  An example is Reggae: Although the concept is, all the same, the genre has massively developed based on the creator’s creativity. By creating midi of certain instruments will help you modify it to your needs, timing, sounds, and transposing. It is just a foundation or let’s call it an instrumented structure.  

This may seem daunting but it pays off in the end. This is just the beginning and time goes on you will be an expert at this.  Remember, today is just preparation to make it easier to get the job done.  

The creation part starts on DAY 1.


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