• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Welcome to Day 11.

I ‘m falling behind on Day 9 need to do more research on Arabic music. The voicing of the instruments and rhythmic patterns are interesting and I am still working on a variety of ideas and lines.

As for Day 10, I have a collection of domestic sounds that I’m still sound designing. The drum patterns and chord structures are already created in midi form from other instruments. I need to incorporate the appropriate sounds.  

As usual, my delay has come on the trials of life and its expectations. Time is crucial and I will have to learn how to work smarter and quicker.

Well on to today’s task.

Today's Task 

I am going to write a song around this chord progression I - V - vi - IV using any key and any instruments.

I’m thinking about ambient pianos, strings, and natural drums along with basses. More or less, thoughts of an Adele type song is my first impression. this chord structure may work well with that.

As always, its time to get to work.  I will see you tomorrow on DAY 12.  Have a wonderful, productive, and blessed day.  

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