• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Welcome to Day 15

Today is Day 15 and it is going to be a challenging day. Well, pretty much all week will be challenging.  I am babysitting a two-year-old who can reach to touch anything that is he finds curious.  Along with expecting me to spend my time where ever he finishing this task is going to be challenging.  It is awesome having this young one around me. I need to introduce him to music. Let him bang on the keys with various sounds and later put it together so he can see creativity.

Today's Task

Fill 8 bars with everything. Every sound,  rhythm and melodic ideas that can be mustered at that moment will be created and within these 8 bars. The section will sound crowded, overproduced... Instruments will be fighting for dominance etc. It'll be a complete chaotic mess.

Afterward, start muting channels to slice holes in your collage of chaos.

What you're looking for is a good hook from everything that you've thrown into this 8 bar pot luck feast.

Once you find it, mix and match the other elements to construct your verse, intro, and bridge, etc... The result may compile various versions of the song.

Wish me luck and have a happy constructive and blessed day.

See you tomorrow on Day 16

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