• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Welcome to Day 16

My results for day 15 was exciting.  I let my grandson, Jeff of 2 years of age, literally bang a rhythm out on the keyboard.  As always, the baby language comes spewing out of his mouth.  I can only perceive that he is trying to sing and play. The pure delight in watching this happen brings a joyful tear.  I decided to change the sounds.  some sounds he would play on and others he would give me look as to say “what are you doing”? So when he banged on a sound he liked it was a keeper.  Recorded the takes in midi. Found the progression on the keys he pressed and created based on his rhythm.  created an 8 bar loop of everything he liked, blocked out tracks that he didn’t dance to and there you have a song by a 2-year-old prodigy.  Lol, I’m honored.

Today's Task

Write a song around a topic that deeply concerns you. If you dislike e people who road rage, family friend, our political issue write about it. Do you love babies, puppies or kittens? That's great, now express your feeling in a song. You'll be surprised how easy it is to write when you're connected to the subject.

See you tomorrow on Day 17

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