• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Congratulations you are on DAY 2

In this task, we are going to do the same thing as was done on Day 1. Out of the selection of 5 songs picked on Preparation day, use a different for today. Try to pick a song that was as simple as Day 1.  

Remember to keep mindful of the instruments you choose. The more familiar the sounds are from the original the better your chances are for a suitable remake of your project.

You don’t have to make a perfect remake just something that is good enough to be comfortable with.  Understand that the remake is just a guideline for your inspiration. Feel free to experiment.

If you have some time left over, start tweeting the song, if you haven’t tried already.  Just focus on levels and separation in order to hear all the instruments being played.

As you continue the process of remaking the songs will be easier and you will become quicker in the process. Let us stay focused and on the task, you will finish this journey, just work through it.

If you have a question just leave a comment below. I’m here to assist.

See you on Day 3.

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