• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


This is Day 21 of 31

Happy Sunday, service was awesome Pastor A.R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center is a very awesome teacher. Watched service via internet and was very pleased. I hope all of you are dealing with this heat well. Stay cool and comfy, if you can. Be safe if you have to go out.  

The heat is blaring and gives me thoughts of being on some tropical island drinking a class of some icy drink. Well let’s create that thought into music.

Today's Task

Step 1: Pick a beach, any beach.  Pick your drink.  Now, let's imagine what type of music you would like to hear walking the sandy beach with that cold wet drink.

Step 2: What instruments would you like to hear? What does the rhythm sound like?  Are there SFX (waves crashing, seagulls squawking nearby? People splashing in the water?

Step 3: Create your melody lines.  Use a percussive instrument and try to use some polyrhythms.  

OOH, yes, I can feel the breeze of the wind caress my face as I sip this ice-cold drink.  I have to go and indulge in my fantasy to escape this heat.  Have fun creating your world and I’ll see you tomorrow on Day 22,

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