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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This is Day 24 of 31

I  have literally been working under pressure this entire project: Forcing myself to simplify my workflow and time. However, life wants to occupy tow jobs at a time the Comedian and the Curve-ball Pitching specialist.  

Your day to day responsibilities is what help maintain your life.  Then the family requirements come part of those responsibilities. In the midst of all of that, you have to make money to eat.  This is the part that can become stressful. We enjoy music and we enjoy making music.  Many times, we work at our own pace, then here comes life’s Curve-ball pitching specialist just throwing balls at you all willie-nillie.

I have committed myself to this project, so I planned prepared. I get a call from my daughter “ Can you watch your grandson for a few weeks”.  Ok, Lil man can be part of what grandpa is doing. My senior moments on reflecting what a  year old desires have seemed to vanish and reappear like a nuclear explosion. Optimistic, I say so myself “you can handle this”, and I do.  Committed to completing my task, hear comes another pitch.  

A prospective client wants a song. she sends me a type beat. “OK, I got this.” She asks me the price.  She agrees and iIsend her to my paperwork.  Hears the curveball, she needs it in 2 hours?

Ok.  I put my project off to the side, get lil man settled in his playpen (which he hates), place the playpen in my area so he can see me and start to work. Besides the barrage balls and plastic cars being thrown at me for attention. I was able to get the basic foundation of the song with appropriate eq levels completed.

working under-pressure can be daunting so today’s task will help you practice to be a success in that time of stress.  

Today's Task

Give yourself a three-hour limit

use an egg timer or a cellphone as a timer.

I use my cell phone.

Schedule a time for creating elements.

For example;

5 minutes for a chord progression

20 for the melody

15 minutes for the drum-line

5 minutes for a bass line

etc… etc…

Schedule the majority of your time for editing. Editing is were you shape it to become GOOD MUSIC. Stay focused on what your goal is for the song.

Life will through you those curve balls just stay focused when you’re at the plate and you will be able to hit the ball all the time.

Have fun and we will meet tomorrow on Day 25.

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