• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Firstly, Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans.

This is Day 4. I am aware that many of us are celebrating this fantastic national holiday but work must still be done.  Those who work today will create a foundation to celebrate later in life. You understand how this works. Similar to Day 1 to Day 3 you will find inspiration in creating your new song.

We are going to change things up today.

If you have unique ideas, run with them. When you're in a writer's block revert back to your songs of inspiration… Your templates!

Task 1

Take a few moments to research a song that you like.  When you’ve decided, continue researching on the chord progressions that were used in that song.  

If you would like to find another form of inspiration by researching fake books.

Keep in mind, the song's chord rhythm and key structure, you may want to use that.

Task 2

Find the chord progression in the key that you’ve decided to create with.  You can search Google for this information.  Just type in Chord and scale progression in the key desired. Now that you have your simple progression I - ii - iii- IV - v - vi-vii, choose any variation you would like to use (I - V - IV (vi - IV -I - V)). Once you have picked a Key and found the chord progression focus on the instrumentation.  

Now its time to create.

Remember, rhythm, melody, and tell a story with your music.

Happy holidays and may your musical journey be productive and fruitful.

See you tomorrow on Day 5.

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