• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Hope you had a wonderful and productive 4th of July. Hotdogs, bbq ribs, potato salad, and fireworks are over.  Didn’t quite complete the song for Day 4 but will add it to this wonderful and productive DAY 5.  

Searching the net this morning looking for information on how to inspire me more on for day 5 and came across some interesting ideas.  

 A song idea popped in my head late last night. I hummed a baseline in my phone recorder and a drum beat.  Looking at the resources around me, I decided to try another approach or dust off some of my old gear.

Today’s Quest:

Step 1

Since the song ideas seemed old school club.  I am going to use my outboard gear. Yamaha RS7000 as sound a module along with the Roland MV8800 for more texture. in addition, I will be using the Akai MPC 2k for my drums. Gotta love that 16bit grit. These are the instruments that will be used for creation.

Step 2

I usually use a host of DAWs to work with, sometimes simultaneously, because each provides me with a different sound. The song idea I have is an old analog sound, the elements of the song will be tracked out into Harrison Mixbus or another lo-fi alternative.  Not really sure which will sound better or meet the needs of the song.  Hey, that’s the joy of experimentation.  

Utilizing other equipment and other software applications helps you learn new concepts and assists in you stepping out of your comforts zone.  Each DAW, VSTi, an external piece of equipment sounds different. Just imagine the different sounds and textures you get when you combine and learn those instruments and devices characteristics.

Enjoy your productive day and I will see you tomorrow on Day 6.

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