• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Ok, here we go. Life grabbed-a-whole of me yesterday and started demanding my time.  As much as I wanted to say no, you gotta do what you gotta do.  

We’re here at Day 6 and the struggle is real.  I feel strongly that something is missing in Day 5’s songwriting project. The groove wasn’t present, it felt to stifle. I’ll get back to it in production. Yes, I still have to do post-production of all the 31 days after the creation project. That’s for another series.


I'm going to do the fifth song that I have chosen.  This project was to develop my speed songwriting skills and break out of the old habits of making new music. The reality of my weakness and strengths become apparent.  Thank God for his graces to allow me to see and accept that and change.

The Journey Continues. Moving on to the planning for Day 6

Task For Today

Refocus. Leave Mr perfectionist for production. Follow the steps to success; Create, produce, mix then master. Keep the development concepts in creating; Chords, melody rhythm, bass and tell the story.

I need to stay in my lane. be a creator first. Work on my weakness and don’t second guess anything.  If the sound is questionable, don’t give it an answer.  If the drums sound weak, don’t call them in to fight. Keep the melody in key and check the timing. Be Mr. Creator in quantize mode. Let Mr. Producer create the feel. You’re creating, leave the minute details in production.  Create an evoke an emotional desire for love, hate, dance, or heartbreak.

The last and final task of the day,  GET IT DONE!

See you guys tomorrow on DAY 7  

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