• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


We are in Day 10 of our 31 Songs In 31 Days project.

Day 9 is still in the works, haven’t finished it, yet. Still working on the phrasing of a few instruments.

Today’s Task

This is Day 10.  I originally decided to do this project because of a gentleman by the name of Greg Savage of diymusicbiz.com. The cards were not in my favor to participate in it then, so I wasn’t able to partake in the venture.  One of his ideas for his Day 10 was to create a song from sampling items in your house and in the environment.  This sounds awesome but I am shy a microphone.  Therefore, I will create another idea. I will make samples from synths and other samples in my library.  I know its cheating. At least I’ll be able to strengthen my sound design and sound layering skills.

One thing can be said for sampling, “it's an art form”, as well as sound designing. So let me head off to my workstation and start the enjoyable task of making music.


I made a created folder named 31 songs and each song labeled by the project day (DAY 1). This is where I put my sessions for this project. When moving to the next phase with is production, the session will be saved as DAY 1- Production. I don’t want to lose the original idea. The first session is always where I keep most of my midi information and notepad thoughts. There are a lot of ideas that are created during these sessions and archiving them is essential.  

See you tomorrow on Day 11.

Happy songwriting.

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