• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


DAY 12

Finding another way to build ideas. This is an exciting day.

I am going to use film to create an idea. Day 12 is about creating ideas from a movie strip. The best part of this process is there are really no rules.  Just make it part of the scene and capture the moment.

I’ll put a movie on my daw. Find a loop point (scene) in the movie to score and mute the volume.  This will be a lot easier using DVDs because I can insert the DVD into the computer and set loop points.

Experiment with melody lines to add emotion. Don't worry about syncing the music to the scene, it’s an idea build on. Just create a couple of lines of melody with an emotional feel.

Don't worry about staying true to the original context. Experiment as you'll see how the music you create changes the way the scene is perceived.

Well, its time to work, have a blessed day and See you tomorrow on Day 13.

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