• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


I know this sounds so far fetched: To wait and for how long? Having a manager and being on a label seems to most a level of success. There are many who running a race to grasp those things without building up to them. Ask yourself a question; If I created a career that was provided me those things would I need to sign to another?  Your answer is based on your goals, your dreams, and how you view the industry.  

Take a look at different artists. Artists one (A1) and artist 2 (A2).  Both artists are DYI independents who have the same goal and dreams of breaking into the industry and being a SuperStar.  A1 views the labels and management as the only way to success. View labels and management as tools to help get guide them to success.  History has proven that neither is wrong or right.  It is only what you do to get where you want to go.

Personally, I like to advise DIY Artist, to look at the major players as the stock market.  In order for a company to be put on the stock exchange, it must first prove that for a certain number of consistent years it is profitability.  Within that time, corporations are able to sustain themselves and are looking to increase its presence.

 An example is the WWE.  It was a private organization for many years. When it was looking for growth, the WWE went public on the stock exchange. Afterward, it was able to branch into other national and global markets.

Making yourself successful will open the doors for majors players to see the opportunity for your growth. By touring, creating a loyal following, building a reputation as a great artist, and someone who knows the industry and trends will grasp more attention from a major player. 

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