• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

How To Perform Like A SuperStar At Every Show.

I have heard numerous independent artists perform live from the sidewalks, subways, night clubs to private venues. Out of my entire life, i can only reflect on one moment when I’ve had the opportunity to hear a new independent artist sound and look professional. Yes, its true.

This moment was at an open mic night. After almost an hour of having my ears raped and tortured by a horrific sound system, a frequency deaf engineer, and loud breathing with consistent popping sounds of an unskilled entertainer blaring words from the microphone, a young lady approached the stage. She nestled the microphone in both hands and the clarity of her voice and words stole my attention. The music accompanying her voice filled the room as if it was announcing her presence. The crowds attention was on the stage. Bodies started swaying and heads started bobbing in rhythm to the music. Mesmerized, I investigated and was extremely impressed.

This young lady came prepared. Her vocals was being sent to a laptop mixed in by another engineer into her performance session. The laptop was then sent through an interface and then to the house engineer who only controlled the volume. The sound was incredible. i began to study her and noticed how she was interacting with the crowd and how the crowd was reacting to her. The way she maneuvered across the stage, manipulating the mic cord effortlessly as if it was a part of her. I knew then that she wanted to bring her best and that she took time to practice not only her craft but how to presented it. If a Grammy was given for open mic nights she would definitely be honored with one.

Invest in your self with equipment and time. Bring your “A” with you to any venue regardless of location and practice, practice, practice. Your only result; A great performance that will be remembered.

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