• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Implementing Motivational Techniques

Motivational techniques is a great method, for staying focused on your goals. Implement any number of motivational techniques, to help keep you on track.

Here are a few that can help you:

1- Eliminate Procrastination:

 Procrastination is the number one ailment, that can steal your motivation.

2- Cut Out Distractions:

By limiting your distractions, ( TV, the internet, cellphones, games, etc...).

3- Location:

Changing your location can also be motivational. Sometimes a different environment is awe inspiring. A walk on the pier, a hike, a view of the mountains, or a waterfall in the Spring. These views of calming, & zen like experiences, may inspire and rejuvenate your motivation.

4- Take a walk, a short run, or a 15 minute burst of exercise:

Get your blood flowing. Staying stagnant can hurt your creativity.

5- Pray & Meditate:

Bring your physical, & spiritual self, into alignment, and transform those powerful properties within you.

6- Get Rid of Your Fears:

With all the thoughts running through your mind, in a day, they have to come from somewhere; and that place is your subconscious mind. Stop asking yourself, fear-based questions. Take a sheet of paper, and write down all your fears; and why you are afraid of those things. Lastly, create an explanation, as to why those things aren't true.

7- Study

This should have been first. Read a book, or video on your craft. Technology, techniques, and other innovative processes are continually evolving. Stay informed, and prepared. Oh! And by the way, don't forget to practice.

8- Contribute To Others:

Staying motivated, by contributing to others, is a profoundly reassuring & humbling experience. We become so entrenched in our minds with problems, that we forget about the rest of the world. We forget about the catastrophes, and tragedies that plague others. Being present, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually, helps others; as well as yourself.

9-  Be Grateful:

Happiness is a state of mind. We can all be happy, if we look for the things, that we're grateful for. Things are made into thoughts, and what the mind focuses on, your mind will create. Write down everything that you are grateful for in your life. Keep it near you, so that you can reflect on it when needed.

10- Create A Weekly Plan:

Create an action plan, that will boost your motivational levels. This plan should help you reach your goals. No matter how small your action plan, completing it brings you one step closer to your goals.

All of these suggestive ideas are good, until they become implemented; and then they become great, & useful. Try to keep a Progress Report.

Keep progressing, and stay peaceful until we meet again.

God Bless.

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