• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Independent Music Professional: Creating A Mission Statement

If you're serious about your goals, you need a mission statement. Companies create mission statements all the time; so why shouldn't you? Your mission statement should help direct your time, and energy towards the things that matter most to help you stay focused on those all important goals. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself, in creating your mission statement.

As an independent professional in the music industry, what do you value?

I have a friend, who is a guitarist and songwriter. His main genre is the Blues. He was requested by a Hip Hop artist, to create a song, using his bluesy guitar. As they started brainstorming together, the artist spewed profane words. Immediately, my friend, who is christian, stopped him and explained that he will not make any music with profanity. There are so many diverse ideas, that will be presented on your journey; some you may agree with, and some you won't. Maintaining your values will always guide you, and help you stay focused.

What do you want to achieve or accomplish?

I've literally had conversations with people, who say that they are in this business for money. Others spoke of their quest, for girls to like them, or for their family to be proud of them. There are many achievements or accomplishments, and knowing what you want, is a great start to getting what you want.

How are you doing things differently than others?

Look at the legends, the superstars, the top 10 artists of your time, and you will see one thing in common; they did it differently. From Elvis, to Michael Jackson, you will find a host of

innovators. It's your turn to do it differently.

Create a detailed mission statement, in 4 or 5 sentences the most. Place it somewhere that you can see it every single day. When we're in the quest of achieving our goals, distractions, or loss of focus tend to momentarily embrace us. Re-read your mission statement, and re-envision why you are doing what you do, on a daily basis.

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