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It takes an enormous amount of momentum to see any sort of consistent, sustainable, and real success in the music industry.   Many independents have a “9 to 5” to make ends meet and help finance their careers. Developing a workflow to fit your overall lifestyle and commit to it can be an ongoing task.  We all know that it is an important part of obtaining success in the music industry. 

There are times when you work really hard for a few months and make a bit of progress, sometimes that progress doesn’t feel rewarding. The song has to be mastered, the social media posts need to be put out, and you need to keep abreast of networking, All these tasks and more are of the business. Your schedule gets filed and you find yourself working tirelessly. Then the inevitable happens, you start to feel burnt out. So, You step back to regroup.  

These supercharged sporadic moments drive your quest for success, like a full dose of caffeine your catapulted into a frenzy and your results end in being burnt out. After a few long stretches, you find yourself frantically going back and forth to the drawing board, throwing yourself into the process all over again entering into the same cycle. I know, I am there with you.

Reorganizing yourself and workflow is something that takes a while to master. The best thing, is to do it. Find what works for you and tweak it to your needs. I use an alarm clock app.  The app is designed to tell me when I should stop a task an start another.  Believe me, I need that. Along with the alarm clock, there is a written plan or to-do list that I must complete.

Here’s how it works. Since I work at home, I cook, clean, and tend to the pets.  Somewhere I have to make music, network, research, write, post, and create a market for my blog. in addition to creating my website and preparing for future goals.  Yea, this is a lot in one day or a week.  I get burned out regardless of how deeply I love doing it. 

So, trying to maintain my creativity. I create a plan of what I need to do in music and my blog.  I have a time period to do this. If I’m posting a blog every Monday and Wednesday and Friday, there are only a day or two in-between to prepare.  Then I have to set a time. This time has to be consistent and I must not waiver unless it is a life or death emergency. 

The music is more of a creative outlet for me. My emotions, thoughts, desires, and dreams are all expressed in my music. A time clock is not the way I have ever thought about creating music. Sometimes the alarm is on my side and other times it's not. When it's not, I write down my thoughts on the notepad in the DAW and move on to the next task. if the task is not time-consuming, I do return to the previous task.  

This technique is an ongoing and changing tale of “how to make my life better”, and it works most of the time.  As I grow, my schedule keeps evolving.  I have found that the key is to keep planning, strategizing, and most of all try to keep the process simple. 

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