• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Networking: Music Conferences 1

Music conferences are a great way to network.  Networking is a great way to get information and grow your career and music conferences are a good place to start.

Why would you attend a music conference?

Over years of attending and speaking with other attendees, there is mythical speculation that attending will change your career drastically overnight, that’s not true and not the reason to attend.  A musical conference is designed to provide educational and networking opportunities.  You will find lectures and meetings about everything from legal changes in the industry to technological trends that can help focus on your goals. Setting realistic expectations and setting achievable goals will help you experience a more positive and productive journey.

What should I do when attending a Music Conference.

Great question. Remember, this is networking and there are so many avenues to do so.  Music conferences are hosted in big cities which are major music cities. Explore all that that city has to offer when it comes to evolving your talents and career.

To Do 1:  

 - Plan your visit.  These cities have access to a wealth of organizations and events that you may not have living in a smaller town.

- PRO (Performance Rights Organization) has branches throughout the country, along with many publishing firms as well. Schedule a meeting at least two weeks in advance to meet with them and speak about your music and publishing goals, bring music and ask for advice.  Keep the meeting short about 10 to 15 minutes.

- Sign up in advance for an open mic or writer's night to perform. Keep honing your skills. You will find that a lot of talented musicians and artists to network with. Other artists are a wealth of information on music, venues, and other experiences in the industry.

Make your time attending music conferences a productive experience. Being proactive is the only way to make your goals a reality. I will see you in the next article: What to Do Part 2 of this series.

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