• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Playlists Metrics Influencing Artist’s Success.

A top-ranked Playlist can transform an artist from rags to riches overnight. As the opposite can happen as well, look at XXXTentacion’s controversial career.

Disregarding the power of playlist can be a costly mistake for any artists career. Being places well on playlists can increase bigger crowds at shows better sales of vinyl, mercy, sync royalty, along with collaboration deals and advertisements.

Streaming playlists from the “Four Horsemen” (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Youtube Music) metrics are influential the many power players. Contrary to beliefs other streaming playlists are being watched. Besides the the Youtube engagement metrics and TV sync deals, SoundCloud followers, terrestrial radio spins and even Shazam is recognized.

Lets take a look.


SoundCloud has proven to be an incredibly powerful platform for developing artist careers, with followers and engagement often critical indicators of future success.

SoundCloud success starts without Spotify playlistings and other platforms.‘SoundCloud Rap’ has now birthed numerous superstars, with massive play counts on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. But those rappers didn’t start on Spotify or Apple Music, and they don’t owe their success to a Spotify and Apple Music playlist curator. Post Malone, XXXTentacion and Lil peep all started on and grew on SoundCloud first.

Tradition Radio

Traditional bracts radio is a giant playlist to a even more enormous audience - getting ‘added’ is a outstandingly big deal.

Major stations need to keep up with the streaming conglomerates and many are influenced by Spotify. They Operate independently from one another with older artists and even new ones. Majors have the ear of their listeners and enjoy their feed back in requests. Chart-metrics is crucially important.

Shazam Spikes

Yes, now you know why Apple acquired them. Don’t know what the name of the song is?


This unique influencer’s data source has revealed 1 out of 14 paid downloads. Why not? A Shazam request can only indicate and extremely high level of interest and an awesome way to identify emerging songs and artist.

Every artist should have a Shazam ID.


Beatport shared a really interesting detail. It turns out that DJs can’t rely on streaming at shows, particularly with the hi-res files required to play a serious venue. So they download instead, and those metrics are important. Beatport’s higher-quality downloads are more expensive, which raises the royalty payout greater. Downloads offer a far higher payout than streams. Remember streaming will create demand in clubs. Win! Win!

These are just a few that have been touched on. Do your research -Listener/Follower Ratio, TV + Movie + Advertising Sync Revenues, and Regional/City Audience Densities.

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