• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

Spotify’s Incursion into Audible Subscription Services

We all know, books and poems are for reading. Well, browse Spotify’s genre list and you’ll find the WORD category. a plethora of poems, short stories, meditation guides and audio books are available for those who seek rhythm and tone with out the music.

Yes, a digital library of lyrical works ranging from spoken word, children books and Mythologies.

Spotify is extremely confident in highlighting this category by ambitiously dropping more that $300 Million on two post casting companies. It has also expanded it s offering with an Audiobooks playlist featuring classic novels. Presently audio books are sold like albums not streaming membership.

Audible is the one of the only competitors to provide reasonable prices for digital audiobooks. With costs at an average of $40 per book and amazon giving one book a month for 12.99 regardless of its purchase price, we could be looking at a new rival to audible subscription services.

The age of listeners for Spotify’s Word category are 55 and up, but that may change as more spoken-word content and modern works become available from publishers.

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