• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.

The 15-Minute Focus Rule

Staying focused on our goals means avoiding procrastination. Everyone could always do more to avoid procrastination because we all procrastinate to some degree. however,  that goal isn’t simple by any means to take action as opposed to putting it to the side just a little bit longer.

If we want to reach our goals, we need some strategies in place. How can we avoid procrastination and stay focused and on track? The 15-minute rule.  So grab a timer and set it to 15 minutes.

How does it work?

15-minutes is a time that’s too small to fail at. Anyone can do something for 15 minutes. Commit to doing whatever it is that you’ve been putting off for 15 minutes, no more. Once the 15 minutes are up, you can choose to stop. Or, if momentum is on your side, keep going. If you're creating a melody, doing the paperwork for your business, or cleaning your workstation, 15 minutes, you will be able to do a lot.

After 15-minutes, you’ll usually want to keep going. Even if you stop, you at least broke the habit. You stopped procrastinating, even if it was only for a short period of time. Bad habits take no effort to form but patients and persistence can break them. It is an important transition into an art of habit formation.

Studies have shown that Neural pathways, which comprise those habit channels in our brains, etch deeper over time. If left unabated, those pathways become engraved deeper. And, the deeper that channel grows, the harder it is to break a habit. That’s why procrastination, and any other bad habit, becomes exponentially harder to stop over time. And, the 15-minute rule is a great concept as a disruption technique.

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