• Clement S. Sealy, Jr.


Is touring for everyone?  Of course, regardless if you're a solo artist, a band or a songwriter. Even beat makers and producers should be touring.  Beat makers and producers may take on the role of a DJ. Hey, you need money to do what you do.  This is an industry that is filled with cash. Yes, CASH and all you have to do is find it and go get it. Here are some tips to hit the road and get that money:

The Game Plan - DYI

Do it yourself is going to be the most profitable and educations adventure you will ever have. You will be wearing many hats from the manager, bookkeeper, lawyer, and promoter to name a few.  Here is what you need and what you should do:

1. Create a Performance.

⁃ Make a playlist of your best material, up-tempo songs to start and get the crowd going.

⁃ Design a story behind your conscience or slow tempo songs. Talk about what inspired you about that song.  

⁃ incorporate a couple of songs beats from major artists with your rendition to keep the crowd amped.    

⁃ If you have free merch during the show toss it to the crowd.

⁃ Now that you have the performance concept down PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE,  PRACTICE MORE.  

2. Planning the Tour

⁃ Locate every single venue within 100 miles of your location, bars, coffee houses, parties, and any venue that will pay you to perform.  If you can’t find any venues you may have to make your search broader.

⁃ Get your agreements together. Your agreement can be on an invoice/receipt when you collect the first deposit: Make sure that venue representative signs and the signature makes it a binding contract.

⁃ Build a budget sheet on how much you are going to spend and how much you will make.

⁃ Schedules are your best friend.

⁃ Remember to follow up and confirm dates, times, and places.

⁃ Stay organized and diligent.

3. Promoters

⁃ Independent promoters are quite helpful in this area.  You will have to network with more than a dozen of them.  Trust me, it is necessary. Promoters have a wealth of venues from colleges and clubs to concerts and festivals.

⁃ Send them your music, bio, and videos of your work.

⁃ Dealing with local promoters, keep your needs to a minimum. No extra food, drink, or travel expenses unless it is in your contract, That will eat at your payment.

4. Keep networking

⁃ Regardless of what avenue you take to tour keep a black book of contacts or a directory on a cloud at your beck and call.  You will always need it and always be able to profit from it.

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